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Welcome to The Functional Kitchen

Transform your body and mind through the kitchen

Unlock fat loss through sustainable methods in The reIGNITE Program.

Make empowered choices in the kitchen to support gut health & blood sugar.

Experience Dietitian Nutrition Coaching: 

"I've dropped 20 pounds (and counting) and I'm prioritizing my health for the first time in years!"

-Happy Client


Welcome to the
Functional Kitchen!

I am Gretchen Spetz, founder of the Functional Kitchen and licensed dietitian nutritionist.

If you are looking for a personalized and integrative approach to feeling your very best, this is the place for you.


I am passionate about empowering women to live their most confident, compassionate and self-assured life. Each nutrition program is designed to provide powerful transformation and empower you with the knowledge that you need to show up as the most impactful version of yourself. As a busy entrepreneur and mom, I know how important it is to be able to show up with full energy. 

My approach to nutrition starts in the kitchen, but goes so much deeper than that. Together, we will transform your mindset along with physicality. You will leave each experience feeling more empowered than you were before to make choices that have sustainable impact on your longevity, fat loss and energy levels. 

As part of the Functional Kitchen community, I help people learn how to regenerate themselves through food. You will learn to balance your blood sugar to increase your energy and enhance your mental clarity, optimize your gut health, and achieve long-term fat loss.  It all starts with a free complimentary call. Book yours today! I look forward in supporting you on your nutrition journey.


The Functional Kitchen Approach


  • Are you not feeling your best?

  • Do you feel more fatigued and irritable than ever before?

  • Do you have trouble losing weight?

  • Are you plagued by digestive discomfort?

  • Have you talked to your doctor about your issues only to be told that your labwork is normal?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your health concerns may be related to diet and lifestyle. The good news is that diet and lifestyle practices can be modified...without a single medication!​

We Start with Nutrition



Each client is paired with a dietitian practicing integrative and functional medical nutrition therapy. You will receive a custom protocol based on your unique goals and bio markers. Our first goal is to help you discover the diet- and lifestyle-related root causes of your health concerns.

Through an in-depth discussion about your medical and weight history, lifestyle and symptoms, eating habits, and goals, we will help you build a personalized nutrition plan to help you feel your very best.

Registered & Licensed Dietitians 


After your complimentary nutrition evaluation, you will enroll in one of our signature nutrition programs.

reIGNITE is a transformative fat loss program for women that helps you unlock fat burn and optimize energy when facing hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and perimenopause, insulin resistance, chronic dieting, and more.


1:1 Dietitian Nutrition Coaching helps people who are looking for a food-as-medicine approach for IBS, autoimmune conditions, weight loss, diabetes, and more to regain optimal function while decreasing symptoms.

Enroll in Your Nutrition Program



The first part of your journey will consist of real food nutrition therapy. This is a targeted diet plan to decrease inflammation and optimize your body's natural detoxification and healing pathways. 


The next step is developing sustainable diet and lifestyle habits to promote your long-term health. Our goal is to help you find efficient, budget-friendly, and flavorful ways to incorporate functional food choices into your diet.

We will work with you to discover stress management techniques, banish mindset blocks and define an exercise routine that fits into your schedule.

Support Along the Way

Are You In? Book Your Complimentary Nutrition
Evaluation Call Today!

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