Online Nutrition Programs

  • Are you experiencing digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating?

  • Are you more fatigued than ever before?

  • Does "brain fog" impact your life on a regular basis?

These symptoms often are a sign that your gut microbiome – the bacteria in your gut – is out of balance. Our gut microbiome is a key factor in mental health, immunity, and systemic inflammation. The key to better digestive health, mental clarity, and increased energy is following the 5Rs of gut healing: REMOVE, REPLACE, REPAIR, RE-INOCULATE, RELAX.

What do you get from FOOD FIRST?​

  • A done-for-you elimination diet plan. No guesswork here!

  • Weekly meal plans for all meals and snacks for the first four weeks of the program

  • Weekly recorded online modules walking you through the 5Rs of gut healing

  • Two live Zoom modules Week 1 and Week 4

  • Personalized supplement recommendations

FOOD FIRST truly is your "guided tour" through the 5Rs and to a life with better health! Hop aboard - I can't wait for you to join me! 

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