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Rebirth: A Fat Loss Program for Women

Calories in < calories out is not the full story.


If you are a multi-tasking maven who cannot seem to shed those pesky midlife pounds, it is likely that you are also dealing with:


  • Chronic fatigue

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Digestive upset

  • Headaches

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities

When you visit your doctor, your labwork may be normal. So what gives?


It is also possible that your blood sugar is slightly elevated or your cholesterol is a little off. What’s the solution per your doc? Workout more and eat less! 


But you tried that already, and the weight didn’t budge. You also felt even more exhausted and irritable.


Maybe you lost weight on WW, Optavia, or another weight loss program, but as soon as you stopped, the pounds came back (and then some!).


If this is you, it’s time for a new approach.


Rebirth: a fat loss program for women is changing how we lose fat by:

  • honoring female physiology.

  • helping you give your body safety, support, and nourishment - all the things you need before you can attempt to lose fat and keep it off.


Rebirth isn’t another weight loss program. 


We care about preserving your lean body mass (your metabolically active tissue!) and we are going to teach you how to do the same.

How it works:


  • Rebirth is a 6 month program 

  • It is a high-touch program that includes:

    •  weekly on-demand learning sessions

    • weekly office hours for accountability and support

    • monthly 1:1 appointments with a registered dietitian to customize the program to fit your needs.


The Curriculum:


The first 13 weeks of the program focus on building physiological safety, support, and nourishment for your body. 


Too much stress for too long is part of the problem.


Rebirth focuses on optimizing your hormones:

  • Cortisol (your stress hormone) and insulin (your main blood sugar hormone) are the conductors of the hormonal orchestra. 


We get serious about supporting these hormones with:

  • stress management practices

  • mindset shifts

  • sustainable nutrition 

  • lifestyle habits.


It takes 63-66 days to change a habit, so we need to invest the time here for a great result.


Gut support + reducing chronic inflammation:

Your gut health dictates the health of every other body system. During this period, we use:

  • a food-first approach to support your digestion

  • your gut microbiome

  • decrease chronic inflammation


Many people lose fat during this stage of the program!


Fat loss:

  • For 4-6 weeks, we drop the calories slightly and shift the macronutrient breakdown to support fat loss. 

  • This phase does not require you to eat like a rabbit or replace meals with expensive shakes. 

  • You eat real food in a way that feels good.



This is the most important part of your fat loss journey - learning how to maintain your fat loss and maintain or increase muscle mass. 


Fat loss is a stressor, and you need this part of the journey for your body to feel safe and nourished so you can THRIVE.

Do you have more fat to lose? We will teach you how to cycle between fat loss and maintenance!


From Surviving to Thriving:

This program is about so much more than fat loss. It’s also learning how to cultivate habits that:


  • support your physiological safety

  • increase energy levels

  • get you the nutrients you need to be truly nourished by food

Schedule your complimentary nutrition evaluation



How much does this program cost?

One payment of $3600


Two payments of $1800 (first payment when you commit to the program and second payment at the beginning of month 3)

Add on options: DUTCH test or continuous glucose monitor (CGM)


How much weight can I expect to lose during this program?

This will differ from person to person. Our biggest goal for you is that you will be able to maintain your fat loss through long-term implementation of the concepts and goals you set in this program.


No really, how much weight can I expect to lose?

Research shows that a 5-10% reduction in weight is realistic when you follow a comprehensive weight loss program. Please keep in mind that you may gain muscle. In this case, the weight on the scale may stay the same, but your body composition will improve.


How much do the testing options cost?

You are able to get a DUTCH Plus test for approximately $500 or a three months of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) access for approximately $500. You will pay our partner companies directly. These prices are subject to change per our partner companies.


What can I do to prepare for this program?

First and foremost, believe that you CAN do this and that you are WORTH IT. We will spend a lot of time addressing your mindset in regards to how you view yourself. 

In order to be successful, your body and brain need to play on the same team.

I don't want to lose weight, but I do want to increase my energy levels, improve my sleep quality, and cultivate a better relationship with food. Is this program for me? 

100%. Rebirth is tailored to the individual. If you don't want to lose weight, we will focus on the nutrition and lifestyle interventions that are most beneficial to you.


When can I join?

You can begin at any time! Think of where you can be six months from now if you join today.

I am interested in a medical weight management program. Do you offer this?

I am happy to partner with your prescribing healthcare practitioner and provide the diet and lifestyle support that is necessary to any strong medical weight management program. I also partner with Emily Sadri, WHNP in providing a comprehensive hormone-focused medical weight management program for women. Click below for more details!

Interested in learning more about year long, hormone-focused medical weight management program for women ages 35-55?



I am partnering with Emily Sadri, Board Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner to bring you a comprehensive, individualized weight management program that uses cutting edge metabolic and hormone support for weight loss and feeling your best in perimenopause and beyond.

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