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Experience reIGNITE:
Fat Loss & Blood Sugar Optimization Program

ReIGNITE: A Six Week Blood Sugar Optimization Program 


reIGNITE is a six week program focusing on how you can optimize your blood sugar to lose fat, keep it off, sleep better, and gain more energy. This program is for you if:

  • You are an ambitious, high-achieving, stressed woman struggling with weight, energy, and confidence about what to eat to support your health.


  • You have PCOS, prediabetes, suspect (or know!) you are in perimenopause, or are postmenopausal and feel powerless when it comes to losing weight.


  • You know your diet needs something beyond a calories in < calories out approach so you can feel better, sleep better, stay energized, and enjoy life.

You will also have access to a continuous glucose monitor as an optional add on to support you in gathering more data over the course of this program. We will work together during office hours to analyze and make adjustments based on your response to food and lifestyle adjustments. 


What will you get from the reIGNITE program? 

  • Step-by-step nutrition framework to optimize your blood sugar and reduce inflammation to facilitate weight loss 

  • A resource library with recipes, a shopping guide, and easy meal ideas

  • Strategies for how to make the protocol EASY when it comes to travel, dining out, planning, shopping and cooking

  • Key eating habits to optimize energy levels and sleep quality

  • Professional grade supplement recommendations (that won’t break the bank!)

  • Ways to identify common food sensitivities that can contribute to weight gain, headaches, fatigue, skin issues, and more

The Curriculum:


Week 1: The Metabolic Support Nutrition Plan + How to Include MORE Anti-inflammatory Foods in Your Diet

Week 2: Make Meal Planning, Shopping and Cooking Simple

Week 3: Removing Inflammatory Foods: Gluten, Dairy, Excess Sugar, and Alcohol

Week 4: Eating Habits to Optimize Energy and Sleep + Supplement Recommendations

Week 5: Eating Strategies When Traveling and Dining Out

Week 6: Identifying Your Unique Response to Gluten, Dairy, and Sugar


Throughout the program, women are supported on their journey with: 

  • One, 45 minute 1:1 session with a Registered Dietitian

  • Six weekly modules + support materials

  • Weekly, small group office hours for accountability, individualized recommendations, and mindset strategies led by a team of registered dietitians 

  • Weekly check in tracker to stay on top of your progress and get the support you need

  • Group chat to share recipes, wins and get coaching in between office hours

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How much does this program cost?

One payment of $650

You will be given the option to continue in the Rebirth 4 months program for 2 additional payments of $700.

Add on options for all tiers of support: DUTCH test or continuous glucose monitor (CGM)

How much weight can I expect to lose during this program?

This will differ from person to person. Our biggest goal for you is that you will be able to maintain your fat loss through long-term implementation of the concepts and goals you set in this program.

No really, how much weight can I expect to lose?

Research shows that a 5-10% reduction in weight is realistic when you follow a comprehensive weight loss program. Please keep in mind that you may gain muscle. In this case, the weight on the scale may stay the same, but your body composition will improve.


How much do the testing options cost?

You are able to get a DUTCH Plus test for approximately $500 or a three months of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) access for approximately $500. You will pay our partner companies directly. These prices are subject to change per our partner companies.

What can I do to prepare for this program?

First and foremost, believe that you CAN do this and that you are WORTH IT. We will spend a lot of time addressing your mindset in regards to how you view yourself. 

In order to be successful, your body and brain need to play on the same team.

I don't want to lose weight, but I do want to increase my improve my blood sugar, energy levels, sleep quality, and cultivate a better relationship with food. Is this program for me? 

100%. All tiers of the Rebirth program are tailored to the individual. If you don't want to lose weight, we will focus on the nutrition and lifestyle interventions that are most beneficial to you.

When can I join?

You can begin at any time! Think of where you can be six weeks, four months, or six months from now if you join today.

I am interested in a medical weight management program. Do you offer this?

I am happy to partner with your prescribing healthcare practitioner and provide the diet and lifestyle support that is necessary to any comprehensive medical weight management program. I also partner with Emily Sadri, WHNP in providing a comprehensive hormone-focused medical weight management program for women.

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