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Nutrition Services

It is possible to transform your body and mind through the choices that you make in the kitchen. You deserve to feel confident in your food choices and to enjoy the process of reaching your goals. 

Through our programs we provide the information you need to make empowered choices about your food to support gut health, regulate blood sugar and unlock fat loss.

We see you. Life is tough.

  • You have people that depend on you and an endless to-do list.

  • You feel fatigued and do not get much time to yourself.

  • You know that changing your diet will help you manage your IBS symptoms,  your blood sugar, and help you lose stubborn body fat.

But where the heck do you start? Right here.

My nutrition programs use an individualized functional nutrition approach to:

  • Bring your body back into balance

  • Improve energy levels

  • Address the nutrition-and lifestyle-related root causes of irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disease (such as lupus, type 1 diabetes, Crohn's disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, etc.), chronic fatigue syndrome, PCOS, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

Ready to Feel Your Best? 

We have designed the following programs in order to meet you where you are at and to help you achieve your goals. 

A Fat Loss & Blood Sugar Optimization Program for Women

A six week program designed to support you in long-term fat loss through the balancing of blood sugar, hormones and gut health. 

Dietitian Nutrition Coaching: 
Monthly 1:1 Nutrition Support

Get customized, 1:1 support and education from a Registered Dietitian walking you through a food-as-medicine approach to IBS, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, PCOS, and more!

Schedule your complimentary nutrition evaluation

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