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1:1 Dietitian Nutrition Coaching

What's Included:

  • monthly 1:1 nutrition coaching with a Registered Dietitian

  • two, 1:1 virtual appointments per month

  • a functional nutrition plan that supports your health goals

  • personalized supplement recommendations

  • nervous system support strategies that make sense for you

  • recipes and meal planning support

  • mindset work

  • on-demand messaging support

  • stay for as long as you need with our monthly subscription

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What is included in reSET?

Behavioral and functional nutrition education: 


This is the foundation! We will have a comprehensive discussion regarding your nutrition needs, your eating behaviors, and your health goals. From here, we will build you a clear-cut roadmap to success!

Meal planning for clients and their families: 


Your food and nutrition needs are unique to you, and this is why cookie-cutter diet plans do not work long-term. I give you a multitude of resources like recipes and product recommendations so we can craft a plan that truly works for you. Cooking for a family? Awesome. I'll teach you how to cook once to suit everyone's needs. Prefer not to cook? Excellent. We will talk about how to make choices that support your plan when you dine out.

Motivation and accountability: 


Changing habits is not always easy. I am here to be your navigator. As your navigator, I will provide you with a roadmap to achieve your goals.  I will empower you to make changes that put you on the path to sustainable success! As your navigator, I provide accountability and feedback. I use a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform to facilitate weekly communication, track your progress, and help you feel motivated by your amazing progress. 

If we make a "wrong turn," it's no problem! After all, what are navigators for?


Together, we will discover what is holding you up and find the right step to get you back on the path to success.

Schedule your complimentary nutrition evaluation

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