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  • Marie Belzile-Davidson, MS, RDN, LD

Taking the Stress Out of Travel Snacks

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

As fun as traveling can be, it can also be stressful - especially if you’re packing for multiple people and possibly pets!

One thing that can take a little stress out of your travels is packing snacks that make you and the whole family feel good! After all, it’s not exactly wonderful to head out for a much-deserved vacation, only to feel sluggish and low on energy.

Yes, you’re right, it will take a bit more time to plan ahead and pack some smart, tasty, and healthy snacks BUT:

  • it is key to making easy and healthy food decisions for those meals and snacks between the fun meals

  • the more you do it, the more second-nature it becomes

  • it’s a worthwhile investment that can save you money (road snacks can be pricey!), save you time by minimizing stops, and will be one less thing to think about once your trip has started

Ok, so what should you actually pack? We’ve got a simple formula below. This also works for everyday snacks but if you want more day-to-day ideas, check out our post on how to snack better.

Travel Snacking Formula

Water: bring a refillable water bottle that travels well!

Raw fruit/pouches: these are packed with antioxidants and carbs! Pair fruit+ protein for an easy breakfast or snack.

Raw veggies: raw veggies that don’t need to be refrigerated for 4-6 hours are great for shorter trips (or leg #1). Pair them with jerky or nuts for a filling snack! Need a quick meal? Eat your protein bar + veggies + fruit for the ultimate meal on the go!

Protein bars: bring something with real food ingredients, at least 10g protein, and at least 5g fiber. This can be part of a meal replacement or a snack. We love Rx Bars and Aloha Bars!

Nuts and seeds: these are a great source of protein, fiber, and plant-based fat to help you feel satisfied between meals.

Protein powder and/or quality jerky: adding collagen peptides to coffee or tea (we personally love Vital Proteins) is a great way to increase protein when traveling. High-quality jerky from brands like Epic, Country Archer, and Krave are other shelf-stable proteins that pair nicely with that fruit or veggie for a healthy snack.

Safe travels and happy snacking!

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