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  • Taylor Richter, RDN, LD

Empowering Your Morning: High Protein and Fiber On-the-Go Breakfast Solutions

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's nearly impossible to eat every meal at home. Whether you're rushing between meetings or dropping the kids off at school, it is still important to have a filling and nutritious breakfast. Two of the most important components in a balanced plate are protein and fiber.


Protein, as a macronutrient, plays a crucial role in various physiological functions. Beyond supporting muscle repair and immune function, adequate protein intake contributes to a feeling of fullness, potentially aiding in weight management. Aim to get 0.8-1.2g/lb of body weight per day. For most people, this will mean that they need to get over 100g of protein each day. If we break this up into easy-to-manage pieces, most people need to get about 30-50g of protein at each meal.


On the other hand, fiber, often overlooked, is instrumental in maintaining digestive health. Fiber plays a key role in managing blood sugar levels, making it an essential component for individuals aiming to maintain or improve their metabolic health. It is also useful in preventing colon cancer. The optimal amount of fiber for most people will be somewhere around 30g of fiber per day.

If you're aiming to get 30g of protein and 7-8g of fiber at breakfast, we've got some practical tips and meal ideas that won't just fuel your body but also cater to your busy lifestyle.

Starbucks Sous Vide Boost

Kickstarting our list is the ever-popular Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites, with a focus on the delightful Bacon & Gruyère Egg Bites. These savory bites pack a punch with 19g of protein per serving. To hit your target, pair them with one serving of Catalina Crunch. This crunchy addition not only enhances the flavor but also contributes an extra 11g of protein and 9g of fiber, rounding out your meal to a satisfying 30g of protein and 9g of fiber.

Chick-fil-A Morning Marvel

For breakfast on the go, consider the Hash Brown Scramble with Grilled Nuggets from Chick-fil-A. This hearty option boasts 31g of protein and 2g of fiber. To elevate this meal, bring along 1/4 cup roasted chickpeas for a total of 7g of fiber and 35g of protein!

Panera Power Pick

Concluding our list is the steel-cut oatmeal with pecans and strawberries from Panera. This wholesome choice boasts 8g of protein and 9g of fiber. To amp up this meal and align it with your nutritional goals, pair the oatmeal with an OWYN protein shake. Loaded with 20g of protein and 5g of fiber, this combo creates a powerhouse of nutrition, delivering a total of 28g of protein and a whopping 14g of fiber.

Strategic Preparation

Navigating the options at restaurants can be a daunting task when aiming to meet specific nutritional goals. However, having just one pre-packaged item in your back pocket (or in your bag) can take your meal from just ok to filling and nourishing.

Final Thoughts

In the chaotic rush of our daily lives, carving out time to provide our bodies with nourishing and well-balanced meals seems like an ongoing struggle. Yet, armed with practical strategies and on-the-go meal ideas, the possibility of meeting our protein and fiber goals is attainable.

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